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Welcome to Health Fitness: A Message from the Editor

Welcome to Health Fitness: A Message from the Editor

What you can lose is not the focus of fitness. What you stand to gain is what matters.

I had a realization six weeks following the birth of my second child that forever altered how much I valued exercise.

I was staring at the intake form on the clipboard on my lap as I waited in the waiting room of my OB-GYN. My infant was sound asleep in her car seat next to me as I struggled to read the page through my tears.

Do you frequently experience unfounded fear, rage, or sadness?

Do you have the ability to anticipate tomorrow?

Have you ever considered hurting yourself or your child?

My first thought was to tell a falsehood. But despite the continual din of my racing mind, I could make out a faint, still voice saying, “Be honest,” in my head.

I was dealing with postpartum depression, but up until that point, I was unable to acknowledge it.

When my name was called, I entered the clinic. So how are you doing, my doctor inquired as she entered the room.

The floodgates opened before I could answer. I sobbed hysterically as the sea of worry that had been engulfing me for weeks flooded the room.

My doctor quietly leveled with me while giving me a direct look. I believe you may be experiencing postpartum depression, she remarked. Do you feel ready to start taking medication?

I was aware that I needed to get help, but I wanted to start with the one thing that has always saved me: movement.

Exercise is cure

Don’t get me wrong, though. A highly serious diagnosis, postpartum depression sometimes responds well to medicine as a treatment. I was aware of that. However, I was also aware that exercise would only hasten my recovery.

As a Pilates instructor, dancer, and outdoor adventurer, the movement had always been my favored method of stress release, but I hadn’t yet received medical clearance to begin exercise. For my mental health, getting the okay to exercise was essential. I realized that my brain was also seeking movement, in addition to my physical needs.

What about exercise? I responded to her. Can I get up yet? Can I run, hike, or do anything?

My doctor started writing prescriptions on her prescription pad. Exercise daily for 30 minutes, she urged. She handed it to me after ripping the script off the pad.

Let’s give it a shot, she said. But I’ll phone you to see how things are going. We’ll attempt the medication if it’s insufficient.

The following day, I laced up my hiking boots, leashed my dog, buckled my baby into a carrier, and headed out for a hike in the recently fallen snow. Every step was soothing. I was finally able to breathe fresh air and move my body once more. My racing thoughts began to match the beat of my steps as I continued walking.

My mind calmed with every step, concentrating more on how my body felt at that precise time than on the fear that had kept me up at night. Since my body was still recovering, I moved deliberately slowly. My muscles started to tense up. Even though I wasn’t in my best physical shape, it didn’t matter.

It was sufficient that I was going.

I wasn’t trying to push myself or worry about “losing baby weight.” I was only considering taking small steps toward clearing my head.

I climbed that hill slowly and steadily, and I could already feel the beginning of my recovery.

Advancement toward happiness

I had no idea how much of an influence this encounter would have at the time. Looking back, I can see that for the first time, I was starting my fitness journey with an eye toward what I knew I would gain rather than what I believed I had to lose—a better perspective, a better mood, and better sleep.

We begin exercising far too frequently because we don’t like something about ourselves. Too frequently, we start working out with an inner voice telling us that we aren’t good enough in some way—not strong enough, not slim enough, or motivated enough. If we lose, we believe we will become greater.

However, beginning a fitness journey in an attempt to placate that inner critic rather than silence typically leads to frustration, failure, and broken commitments. Working against our bodies to make them comply with a standard of someone else’s design, we punish ourselves mentally and physically. It inevitably makes the journey more challenging.

Instead, I discovered that when I began off in a place of acceptance, I was better able to see everything that exercise might bring me.

To be successful on your fitness journey, you must meet yourself right where you are right now and focus on how you feel rather than how you look. From that vantage point, you’ll be able to enjoy the advantages of working with rather than against your body.

You’ll soon learn to appreciate all that you’re capable of, even when you’re only starting started, sometimes without even recognizing it.

Fitness that suits you

We’re thrilled to be able to connect with you wherever you are in your fitness journey with the debut of Healthline Fitness. We’re here to remind you that getting healthy is about what you can gain, not what you have to give up.

We think fitness is so much more than just weight loss and inflated expectations, which dominate the larger fitness narrative. Your viewpoint, confidence, and courage will all increase when you move in a way that feels wonderful, and that’s just the beginning. Because once you find a movement that inspires you, you’ll want to continue it for a long time.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just curious about exercise, we’ll meet you where you are and assist you in setting realistic, attainable fitness goals that fit into your lifestyle.

Everybody should be fit, therefore we’re building a digital community where everyone can find the information and assistance they require. While we’re at it, we’ll also question the idea that “fit” has a particular appearance.

Experts in their disciplines serve as our authors, medical reviewers, and video contributors. Physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning coaches, athletic and personal trainers, and even PhDs in biomechanics are producing content that meets Healthline’s medical standards.

I’m honored to provide our audience with trustworthy, factual, motivating, and inspirational fitness information.

Fit it in

We’re looking for ways to fit fitness into our schedules just like you are.

As busy as life is, we understand. However, you don’t need a pricey gym membership or a lot of extra time to benefit from exercising. You only need your body, some room to move, a path outside, and 22 minutes to keep up with an “exercise more” schedule.

How come 22 minutes? We require 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That is around 22 minutes per day when divided by 7. We’ll encourage you to commit to getting in 22 minutes of exercise, and we’ll provide “Fit It In” advice in our articles and newsletters with simple, practical methods to move more.

Time and confidence are frequently the two largest barriers to improved fitness. We’ll assist you in finding the time to include fitness into your daily routine and provide you with the knowledge you need to feel at ease and confident while doing it.

In summary, we’re dedicated to assisting you in discovering your ideal level of fitness, and we’re excited to witness all the opportunities that will present themselves to you once you do.

We appreciate your participation in this journey. Here’s to experiencing your best physical well-being ever.

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