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How to get slim

Slim down, firm up with BODY TEC EMS workout

BODYTEC can assist you in reaching your objectives, whether they are to tone up so that you look and feel your best or lose the baby weight. You will notice a difference with greater muscle growth and a decrease in body fat after 6 to 8 weeks under the guidance of a personal trainer.

If you want to lose weight, it’s necessary to switch to healthier foods and pay attention to your portion sizes. However, doing this by itself won’t help you achieve your goal of having a trim, toned figure! Being slender doesn’t necessarily mean you have the desired silhouette because fat likes to hang around in particular places.

To lose weight in your problem regions, you must also engage in regular, efficient exercise. With a single workout, you may target all problem areas, including your belly, hips, thighs, and even those bingo wings. Since you work with a personal trainer, BODYTEC can design a programme that specifically addresses your trouble spots. According to research, up to 85% of those who underwent an EMS training programme reported that their body form had improved.

Exercise with EMS improves circulation and reduces body fat because BODYTEC treats more than just the surface region; it activates the complete muscle and connective tissue. The outcome is a firmer, more toned figure.


Tips to get slim

So you need to lose weight—fast?!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a magic remote control that could speed up the unpleasant portions of life and slow down the pleasant ones? You could press FF to start each workday and RWD to conclude a wonderful date. All of the trips, celebrations, and parties could go by as quickly as a Kenny G song, and all of the never-ending conference calls could fly by as quickly as Nicki Minaj’s hairdos.

Weight loss is also high on the FF list. Sure, going slowly and steadily might help you win the race, but who wants to drag their feet like a tortoise when a warm-weather vacation is just around the corner? Add these seven foods to your daily diet to accelerate your weight loss efforts. It has been clinically demonstrated that all of them can burn fat in six weeks or less! Tighten your seatbelt—you’ll soon be tightening all of the belts, too!


Green Tea

If you’re not also drinking green tea throughout that barre class, you might as well not be there. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, people who exercised and drank four to five cups of green tea every day while working out for 25 minutes each day lost more abdominal fat than people who did not. Why is the drink so strong? It contains catechins, an antioxidant that helps you lose weight quickly and stops belly fat from building up. Other miracle cures for losing weight include: Go down two sizes by learning more about these 4 Teas That Melt Fat Fast.


Consider each nut as a natural appetite suppressant. After just two weeks, a study of overweight and obese adults discovered that eating just more than a quarter cup of nuts along with a calorie-restricted diet can help people lose weight more quickly than a snack made of complex carbs and safflower oil! (And after 24 weeks, those who consumed the nuts had reduced their weight and BMI by 62% more!) Eat your recommended daily serving before working out for the best results. According to a study published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, almonds, which are high in the amino acid L-arginine, can actually increase the amount of fat and carbohydrates your body burns while you exercise.



Perhaps Stephen Colbert is right. Participants in the study were split into two groups by the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition experts, and each group consumed a nearly identical low-calorie diet for 12 weeks. The midday snack that each group had was the only thing that varied between them. Pretzels had 230 calories in one group, whereas pistachios had 240 calories in the other. Four weeks into the study, the pistachio group’s BMI had decreased by a point, while the pretzel group’s remained the same. In addition, the pistachio group’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels had improved.

Avocado Oil

What if we told you that this year, you could make 20 percent of your belly simply vanish? Researchers from Penn State University contrasted those who ate avocado oil with people who ate a flax-safflower oil mixture. Those following the avocado oil diet dropped approximately 2% of their abdominal fat in just one month—just three tablespoons per day were enough. See also 8 Fatty Foods That Make You Skinny for additional methods to indulge in strong, powerful flavors while losing weight.


What if we told you that this year, you could make 20% of your belly go away—poof, just gone? The avocado oil group was compared to the flax-safflower oil group by Penn State University researchers. In just one month, those following the avocado oil diet—three tablespoons per day were sufficient—lost close to 2% of their abdominal fat. Burn fat with these 8 Fatty Foods That Make You Skinny for more ways to indulge in strong, powerful flavors.

Vitamin D-Fortified Yogurt

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to double all the fantastic weight-loss outcomes you’ve just read about? According to a Nutrition Journal study, this is what happens when you add calcium and vitamin D supplements to your diet. Subjects who consumed these two nutrients, which are abundant in some yogurts, started the 12-week experiment with a four-week advantage over the other group in fat loss. Start your day with one of these Best Brand-Name Yogurts for Weight Loss to achieve comparable effects at home.



Eating half of a grapefruit before a meal can improve your body’s ability to burn fat, similar to how a marathon runner stretches before a race. This “warm-up” strategy, according to research in the journal Metabolism, can help reduce your midsection in just six weeks—by up to an inch! The fat-sucking phytochemicals in grapefruits, according to the researchers, are responsible for the potent effects. As long as your doctor gives the all-clear, aim to take half a grapefruit before your morning meal and add a few segments to your starter salads to reap the benefits. The fruit can interact unfavorably with some drugs.


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